Tornadoes and Hurricanes and Floods, Oh My!

From the bank, under the shade of big trees, I watched the sun come up over the lake, the mist rising off the water as fishermen made their way across the calm to find a rewarding spot of their own.

It was a stark contrast to the rural communities we had passed through on the trip here. One side of their streets boasting small town America and the other, ravaged by recent tornadoes, looked like the aftermath of Hiroshima.

There was a feeling of peace, a sense of hope sitting here, a renewed determination to change my stars. Becoming a successful writer has been my lifelong passion.

Most of my career has revolved around sales. I hate sales. I’m an excellent marketing person, persuasive writer and exceptional graphic artist. But every time I’ve tried to land marketing jobs employers continue to equate marketing to sales. My portfolio is full of successful web sites, logos and marketing materials and my pocket is empty trying to be a salesman.

When I came across the Barefoot Writers Club it changed my paradigm with an epiphany. Copywriting is my specialty and that’s what I do. I’m certainly not a sales person. It was time to adjust my focus and leave the office and daily routine behind for my copywriting career.

barefoot-hikingI am a humble man. I don’t have a passion for big houses and fancy cars. I was raised in a Country Club neighborhood by successful parents. Yet I am more at home wearing a backpack and sleeping in cabins.

I like to travel and I love the freedom to experience new things; mostly nature and natural wonders. I blog about my nature trips and have hiked a large portion of the Appalachian Trail. There’s something about being consumed by open spaces that ignites my soul.

But my deeper passion is to help other people, to go disaster zones where hurricanes and tornadoes, floods and famines have left a wake of people in need. And not in some foreign land, but right here at home in America.

My wife is a counselor, a life coach, and I’m training with her to be a part of that. Our Independence Day is being able to hop in the RV and go to places where we are needed, to travel across this great country and be a part of helping others to overcome their struggles, providing resources and services to get them back on their feet. We want to live campsite to campsite making new friends, helping others and spending extended periods close to family.

We both have a passion to be writers. We want to be able to reach out through our experiences into the lives of others and bring them hope and inspiration, both in our words and through our actions.

Our day of freedom will be when we can afford to do nothing but travel, making a great living writing, coaching and helping people to rebuild their lives.

This post is my entry to the Barefoot Writers Club monthly contest. No more than 500 words on what my Writer’s Independence Day would look like; What am I seeking independence from? What do I want to escape? What will my new life look like? — I think I nailed it.


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