Someone with great inspiration

Nothing above nothing, and I do mean nothing is more powerful in our lives than someone who inspires us.

Most of my life has been quite the opposite, and I venture to guess that many people, if not most, have had more negative influences than positive ones. As a kid I was generally told what I couldn’t do, why things were out of reach and how I needed to be realistic about my dreams. Huff! Those memories of people imposing their negativity on me has taken a toll over the years.

My first and second marriage were both disasters. I was in a place after my second where I had no faith whatsoever that I would find someone to compliment me. Companionship was still desirable but there was little hope in my heart that I would meet someone that was capable of inspiring me. But sometimes God has other plans.

I was in a crappy job, working for slave wages and putting in long hours just to keep my head above water. It was a painful time in my life.

Fortunately, I landed a new job that brought promise. It wasn’t high on the pay scale but it did give me the freedom to do more of what I love and make my own hours in the process. About that same time I met the woman of my dreams. To this day, I find it hard to welcome all the love she has for me. She is an incredible woman.

There is a joy in her that I recognized immediately. But more so I was inspired by all that she had been through to change her own life, to better herself and give her children opportunity.

She came from a small Caribbean island, a place filled with more pain and struggle than I have ever faced. Yet, she rose above all of that to come to the states and begin building a new life. Raising two boys (and we know boys bring trouble of their own) she managed to have a nice home, to eat well and dress nice by doing a job that really wasn’t what she herself had a passion to do. But that was a means to an end. The end being an opportunity to put a past of pain behind her.

She reminds me often of what she faced to make the transition and the stories I hear do not inspire me at all to visit her homeland; a place full of crime and corruption, short on amenities that I myself have come to take for granted.

She is the most inspiring person I’ve ever known. Not because of what she had been through and overcome, but her attitude about what is yet to come. She holds her head high and she forges on with courage and determination. She inspires me in that way, but she also reminds me of the trouble I too have overcome and how blessed she is to have me in her life. Funny how that rings in my head.

I worry and fret over silly things. She seems to let them roll off of her with a positive attitude that would disgust some people. But for me, it is a daily reminder of how we all can achieve so much more, become so much more and honestly don’t need to worry about how bad things could be. She faces trouble with courage and is always grateful for the blessings.

I write these things because I do so adore her spirit, cherish her determination and have come to find strength in myself because she inspires me to be strong, courageous, positive and thankful. She is my greatest blessing in life and if nothing else I want to encourage others to find that one person who inspires you.

We all need somebody in our life who pushes us to look on the bright side of things. I’ve got mine and I’m telling you to find yours. Don’t give up on that quest.

My father used to tell me that in order to reach our goals we need to first determine what those goals are. Then, do things that take you closer to your goal, and avoid things that take you away from that goal. Pretty simple formula. I’ve done my best to put that philosophy to work. But I’ll take it a step further.

Find someone who inspires you and latch onto them, and walk away from those who tear you down. The saying goes, “Think positive.” Likewise, surround yourself with positive people and keep away from the negative ones.

That’s me. I’m inspired by my fabulous wife. She is the most incredible person I’ve ever known and I intend to stick close to her for the rest of my life. She makes me look good, feel good and do good. I hope you too can find your great inspiration.

And by the way,… Happy Birthday My Love!


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