It’s all about the discipline

Seems that everyone has some deep rooted interest in self improvement.

If we’re not looking for a better diet or exercise plan we’re reading about working from home, self motivation, cooking, fishing, remodeling and more. It is a part of human nature that moves through our veins, pressing us onward to become stronger, smarter, faster, better. A notable characteristic of our species.

Likewise, almost everyone has a natural self-preservation mechanism. We don’t want to die! Nor are we typically interested in injuries of any proportion. As modern Americans we have become accustomed to our levels of comfort.

The prevailing truth is that most people don’t have the proper discipline necessary to follow through on becoming the best they can be. The passion to change is there, that’s natural. However, self-preservation tends to over ride our passions. We convince ourselves we’re doing good, that we’re tired, that we can eat just one or that we don’t need to study.

We live in the age of a digital knowledge base at the tips of our fingers. We can become experts at almost anything we set our heart to do. We just have to have the discipline to follow through.

We’re going to need a proper attitude and sense of determination if we’re going to press on and truly make changes. Let me ask you this. If you had a contract for a movie role where you had to lose thirty pounds and learn a thousand intricate lines would you do it? Would you do it for five million dollars? I would.

We can take inspiration from actors for the clothes they wear, cars they drive and the glamorous life they lead, but we miss how hard they have to work to be what they are. It takes a great deal of personal discipline not to eat everything you want and party all you like when you have the resources to indulge beyond your wildest dreams. Celebrity gossip devours those who gain weight, fall into drugs or otherwise fall from grace.

Fortunately, we don’t have to risk too much personal humiliation when we fail our diets or slack on our presentation. What we do risk though is mediocrity. We risk not being the best we can be. After all, life is one big race isn’t it? We are part of the “Human Race”. If we’re not in the race, we’re a slug.

The one primary ingredient in finding our self discipline is determination. That comes from some sort of inspiration; someone you want to be like or something you want to know or accomplish.

Sometimes life gets the best of us and we lose faith in our own power to achieve. We lack the enthusiasm to better our situation because we know it’s going to take a lot of work. We need determination.

The next step is to identify things that take you closer to that goal, and things that take you away from that goal. Keeping the goal in mind is how we maintain our motivation. How bad we want it is determined by our dedication.

Studies show that dieting on and off is not the best solution to weight management. Management implies that we regulate our diet constantly. We need to be prepared for the fact that once we reach our target weight we are not released from the bondage of exercise and healthy eating. The discipline here has to be applied and maintained as long as we desire to keep this figure. This is a life change.

Supplement determination with a regiment. Set up a time to exercise, a time to work, a time to study and a time to indulge in your hobby. Making a personal schedule can make a huge difference in how much we accomplish each day. And every day is a building block to our future.

We must be disciplined to stick to the schedule the best we can. That isn’t always easy to do. Make a list that revolves around your lifestyle and make changes where possible to carve out space for important things.

Determination, inspiration and a disciplined approach will help you get focused and stay focused on building a rewarding and healthy lifestyle.



2 thoughts on “It’s all about the discipline

  1. Great article. So true… I loved it and made me reflect on my own lack of discipline in some areas of my life. Thank you for such helping words.

  2. I’ve been amazed by how many people in my life tell me over and over again that they want to do something, and year after year they sit not doing it. I love your point about living in the age of the Internet–you can learn about absolutely anything you want and become an expert! I’ve always admired people who were self-taught and disciplined. I like to think I am one of them.

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